How does Kik Messenger work?

Kik Messenger is a free texting and messaging app designed for smart phones like iPhone, Android or other smart mobile devices. The app is used by over 275 million users world wide and is a great way for you to send text messages to your friends, for free.
Besides text messages you can also send pictures and videos or use one of the many third party apps that's available directly in the app. Kik Messenger is mostly used by teens and young adults, but a lot of adults use the app as well.

Features in Kik Messenger

As mentioned above Kik Messenger has a lot of great features besides just sending text messages.

How to get the Kik Messenger app

It's very simple to sign up for a Kik Messenger account. All you need is a name, birthday, email address and a good idea for a username / screen name. If you are human (you ARE human, right?) you should have at least 2 of those straight away :)
Oh, and ofcourse you also need a smart phone or other mobile devide (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or a Windows Phone).

  1. First you have to visit your phones app store and download the Kik Messenger app. iTunes/App store, Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store
  2. Once you've downloaded and installed Kik Messenger you can open the app by tapping it's icon. You'll see an option to either login to an existing Kik account or to create a new one. Choose to create a new account.
  3. Enter your first and last name, your desired username (come up with something cool!), your email, password and birthday. If you want you can also upload a picture of yourself.
  4. Tap register to complete your registration. If you username was already used by someone else, try again with a new username (again, something cool!).
  5. When you are registered and logged in you can choose to import your friends from your phones contact list. This is a great way to get started and getting someone to message with!

Privacy and security

As always on the internet ALWAYS be careful when messaging with someone you don't know. Anything that's to good to be true most certanly is. Especially don't send pictures and videos to someone you don't know. Also think about what you do and say. Be nice to people!

How to find new friends on Kik Messenger

While it's nice to talk to people you already know, like friends from school/work and family, you'll eventually come to the point when you want to get to know someone new. That's where Kik Contacts comes in! Kik Contacts help you find new friends all around the world on Kik Messenger. Just sign up for an account, completely free, and find someone to chat with amongst our 467,000 members. There just have to be someone for you to, right? :)

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